Tips for Link Building – How Social Bookmarking Can Make a Difference

Many tips for link building exist. However, few are as powerful as social bookmarking.

To have an idea of what social bookmarking is, it’s a concept that works exactly like how you’ll bookmark your favourite sites on your computer. Except that this time, you get to use a site to bookmark your favourite sites, and access it anywhere in the world.

Another cool feature about social bookmarking is that you get to share what you like on the web with other people, and they get to check out the wonderful content you share online.

But the most exciting feature is that social bookmarking sites can act as platforms for you and I to get quality backlinks to our sites, boosting our site rankings.

So how do you social bookmark properly? Here are some tips for link building with social bookmarking.

Tips for Link Building 1 – Search For Main Social Bookmarking Sites

Thousands of bookmarking sites exist, but all you really need to do is to bookmark to the main ones. They can be differentiated by their healthy page ranks.

Don’t get over adventurous and start bookmarking to less popular sites. They may disappear after a while, and so will your bookmarked links.

Once you find them, sign up for an account each with them, and you can start bookmarking your site.

Tips for Link Building 2 – Optimize your Bookmarks with Low Competition Keywords

You do this so your bookmark may show on the search engines when people search for the keyword you optimized it for.

Bookmarking usually involves filling in a title for the site you want to bookmark, a description for the site you want to bookmark as well as the site url that you want to bookmark.

So an easy way to optimize it is make sure your keyword shows in your title, the description and in the link. That way, your bookmark will have a very high chance of showing up on Google.

Tips for Link Building 3 – Use Softwares, Automation or Semi-automation Tools to Help You Social Bookmark

If you’ve tried bookmarking for a while you’ll realise that it’s very time consuming and mundane. So even though it’s one of the best tips for link building, it might put you off from doing it.

In that case, you might want to invest some money to get a software or automation tool to submit those bookmarks for you.

If you don’t wish to spend the money, a good semi-automation tool you can use is at It lists the most popular main social bookmarking sites, and you can social bookmark quickly with this free tool.

So having mentioned how social bookmarking is one of the greatest tips for link building, it’s time for you to try it out and see its power for yourself.

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