SEO Writing Techniques – Intermediate SEO Writing Techniques and Article Marketing Tricks for Traffic Generation

If you’ve read about our first article on SEO writing techniques teaching you how to write search engine optimized articles, then it’s good for you to master those basic skills by applying the tips and tricks there first so you get a hang of it.

Then submit it to If they approve of your article, then you’re ready to learn more intermediate SEO writing techniques to help you with your SEO campaigns.

And here are 2 intermediate SEO writing techniques:

First of 2 Intermediate SEO Writing Techniques – Look For Low Competition Keywords to Optimize

By that, we mean that you should now consider looking at the competition for a certain keyword, and look for those that are not highly competitive.

To do that, we turn to the Google Keyword tool once again.

Type in your desired keyword, for e.g. “Golf Training Tips”, and see what results come out.

You should get several other long tail keywords that all contain the phrase “Golf Training Tips”. Jot them down or copy them all onto a basic word application.

Next, go to and do a search for these phrases in quotes “”. The quotations will return you the number of searches or sites that have been optimized for that keyword.

If you see that the number of results returned is below 50,000, then you’ve found a great long tail keyword to optimize your article for.

What that means is that your article will most probably have a good chance of appearing as the first result in when someone searches for it, making your application of SEO writing techniques worthwhile.

Do that for all the long tail keywords you found, and compile them.

Second of 2 SEO Writing Techniques – Place Your Keyword in Front of Your Article Title

Let’s say you found a great long tail keyword “easy golf playing tips for children”, then a great title will be “Easy Golf Playing Tips For Children – 3 Ways To Teach Your Kids to Pick Up Golf Fast” instead of “How to Be A Good Coach and Teach Easy Golf Playing Tips For Children to Your Kids”

The reason for that is search engines tend to index sites and articles better if they can spot your keywords earlier on.

It’s also easier for people to click through to your article when they see it because they get to see their search term first, resulting in a higher click through rate.

So if you have gotten a hang of the right techniques to write your articles, apply the above 2 additional intermediate SEO writing techniques and article marketing tricks to further optimize your well written article.

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