How to Make Backlinks for SEO with Blog Comments

Among backlink building channels, blog is found one of the most popular as it is easy to practice. And there are Online Marketers mainly use it to create backlinks for their websites as well as drive traffic into them. Let’s have a glance at how to make backlinks for SEO with blog comments.

How blog commenting works?

Blog commenting occurs when blog readers find a blog article interesting. They may discuss about the content, ask for more information or express their feelings in the comments. When practicing blog commenting, you can leave your website URL or hyperlink your text in the comment box. Applying this nature, online marketers usually do blog commenting to create backlinks for their websites.

How to make backlinks for SEO by doing blog commenting?

There are 3 basic steps to practice blog commenting:

Step 1: Identify your keywords

The keywords should be your website main keywords. The keywords will be included into your comment as anchor texts.

Step 2: Find relevant blogs to do blog comments

The blog content should relate to your website field so that the backlinks are valued higher. For example, if your website is a software online store, you should find computer or software related blogs to comment.

Step 3: Nicely comment on the relevant articles

At the end of each blog post or article, there is usually a comment box where you practice blog commenting. You can leave your name or the keyword under Name box to create the anchor text. The most important step is to paste your website URL into the Website box correctly.

Last but not least, the comment content should be natural and interesting to get approved. You should not leave too general comments such as “Thank you!”, “Great Post!”, etc. as it is not interesting and your comments may be considered spammy.

Is building backlinks with blog commenting really effective?

Backlinks created by blog commenting is considered low profiled backlinks which mean they are valued lower comparing to those created by article marketing. However, it can helps in balancing your backlink portfolio and it is good when you have diversified backlinks (article directories, blogs, social bookmarking sites, etc.).

As backlinks built through blog commenting is valued lower than others, you should practice this method once or twice a week to diversify your backlink portfolio. It is not as important as the other backlink types but it should not be ignored. Hope you find our information useful! Good luck!

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