How to Find High PR Blogs to Increase Backlink Quality

As we all know in Backlink Quality & Backlink Channels You Must Know, backlink quality significantly decides a website rankings. Among the many channels to create backlinks, blog commenting is a widespread channel that most of online marketers use to build their backlinks. Let’s learn how to find high PR blogs to increase your backlink quality!

What is a high PR Blog?

PageRank (PR) is a measure applied by Google which assigns a numerical weighting to a web page. The ranking varies from 0 to 10 in which 0 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. PageRank tells users how important a website is on the Internet. As a result, most of PR 10 and PR 9 websites are authority sites.

Why high PR blogs are valuable?

As said above, blog is a website type and high PR blogs mean important or dominant blogs online. Backlinks on high PR blogs are valued higher. Thus, if you want to create backlinks using blog commenting method, you should comment on high PR blogs.

What is NoFollow? DoFollow?

NoFollow backlinks tell search engines not to pass any credibility to an outbound link. This “NoFollow” tag is created to prevent spams and increase the link quality. As a result, DoFollow is a slang telling the contrary way about link quality.

However, you should not aim DoFollow blogs only as good mix of DoFollow and NoFollow backlinks will make your website’s backlink portfolio natural. Google is so suspicious nowadays that such natural backlink mixes bring you better ranking results.

How to Find High PR Blogs?

There are 2 ways to practice this blog search. You can find each blog manually or you can find the listing information on some websites.

Manually find high PR Blogs

To manually find the most relevant blogs, you just need 2 tools: Google Blog Search and PR evaluation tool (website or plugin).

Step 1: Type your keyword on to find your relevant blogs

Step 2: Access to top 20 results

Step 3: You can view the PageRank using the browser plugin such as Chrome SEO Site Tools or copy and paste into to check the PageRank. The best PR to go for blog commenting is above 4.

Find high PR Blog List

Another way to source high PR blogs is to get the list from experienced online marketers.  You can use high PR search engine such as or just simply google “high PR blog list” and you will get the best results.

Blog commenting is a popular link building method which is easily applied. We hope that our blog commenting explanation is clear and helpful for your Online Marketing. Good luck and wish you a great online success!

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