Google Philosophy and Google Website Quality

Google has many ways of judging a site for ranking in its indexes. Following the set guidelines given by Google is one good way to start, but if you are unsure on how to begin optimising your site for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, keep reading this guide! This guide will guide you through the most basic guidelines available to instantly make your website to meet Google website quality.

Google guidelines about website quality

Following these guidelines aid Google in searching, indexing and ranking your site and are not required. However, they can dramatically increase the number of views you can get from search engines, especially if your website has not be submitted to Google.

 Submitting your website’s sitemap to Google allows you to access their webmaster tools which would allow you to see detailed information on your website’s link traffic. This allows you to see the quantity of traffic from searches on Google to your site. The sitemap also provides Google the ability to analyse your site structure and better cover all the content provided within so that it can display your webpages with greater accuracy and frequency. This obviously translates to more views, as more keywords are tracked by Google during a search by a user.

Websites with a site map provide users and Google to quickly access the important and relevant pages of your site. This also keeps your site organised as you, the site master, would be able to access and organise content with ease.

Make the content of a site more readily accessible with simple hierarchy and text only links. Every single important or relevant link from an article or page the user is on should have links on the page. This allows users to access relevant and interesting information they would otherwise miss.

Making your site mostly in text and pictures also provides your site with a higher chance of increasing the amount of content visible to Google’s web crawler; the web crawler is only able to see only your text on your site. It has no interest in the audio and video on a site and is unable to index it.

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