Classifieds SEO – How to Search Engine Optimize A Classified Ad You Post Online

Here’s a secret about SEO that people don’t know about – classified ads submission, when used correctly, can be as effective as articles submission.

But to truly reap the benefit of classified ads, you’ll need to learn how to apply classifieds SEO techniques so your ads appear on the first page of the search results.

Not only that, but people will find you more easily when they search using the keyword terms in a classified ads site.

The first step to apply classifieds SEO techniques is to look for a low competition keyword so that you can rank on the first page easily.

Look toward the Google keyword tool for that. Start by typing in your main keyword, and then choose some of the suggested keywords with low search terms, between 1000 to 2000.

Once you got your low competition keyword phrases, the next step in classifieds SEO is to write your headline and main ad body such that they contain your keyword.

Things to remember is that you must keep your headline attractive so it attracts attention. So make sure you write what you want to promote in the headline of your ad.

And don’t forget to include your keyword phrase inside because you’re utilising classifieds SEO techniques.

Next, write a 4 to 5 line ad for the body, and make sure you repeat the keyword phrase about 3 times.

Of course, don’t apply your classifieds SEO techniques blindly. Avoid spilling everything about your offer in the ad. Instead, write your ad like a teaser so people will want to click through to your offer once they click through to your ad.

Then finally, you’ll want to search engine optimize your offer link too. If possible, have at least 2 links in there, one that hyperlinks your keyword while the other is the actual link to your offer.

But if you’re only allowed one link, then go with the hyperlinked keyword it makes your ad keyword rich.

One thing to note however, is that such an ad will also help you to give you a good backlink to your site.

Because classified ad sites such as and have healthy page rank, your ad will be considered a good quality back link and your site will experience good rankings.

Now is that a good classifieds SEO technique or what?

Practise writing and posting classified ads well. You might just experience good rankings and high traffic to your site very quickly.

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