Accelerate SEO Process with Top SEO Softwares

Search engine optimization softwares exist for a reason. They are there to lend a helping hand to the average Joe to carry out SEO both onsite and offsite fast and easily.

These days however, even expert webmasters are turning to top SEO softwares to help them too because the top SEO softwares these days are so sophisticated, they can handle even the most complex tasks that will otherwise take even the experts days to accomplish.

One very popular and effective way to carry out offsite SEO is to do social bookmarking. But bookmarking is not just famous for being effective. It’s also famous for being a very slow and mundane task.

That was when one of the top SEO softwares was born, Bookmarking Demon.

Don’t mistake its name for something satanic, because it’s not. But its features certainly live up to its name. It’s a simple piece of software with monstrous features packed in, it’s scary like a demon.

But putting its name aside, the Bookmarking Demon software is the best bookmarking software there is on the market today, because it has so many advanced features that you wouldn’t find in an average software. That’s why most webmasters say it’s one of the top SEO softwares every aspiring internet marketer must get.

Believe me when I say bookmarking is tricky. Firstly, major bookmarking sites like or like to penalize self promoters, people who only bookmark their sites and nothing else just for the sake of getting back links.

Secondly, if you bookmark too fast, you risk getting your account banned if you bookmarked too quickly with your account, even if you did that legitimately. That’s because very quick submissions appear to the bookmarking sites as automated submissions using software, and they are quick to ban accounts that use that approach.

And thirdly, bookmarking is only effective when done in a big volume across many different sites, and registering an account with all of them can prove to be a pain. Which again, if you use an automated software to do that, your registration might be disallowed.

If that’s the case, then why would Bookmarking Demon, an automated software, become one of the top SEO softwares people recommend?

That’s because it has state of the art features, from human simulated submission to automatic account creation (with human simulation so your registration will be successful) and then to an inbuilt natural submission mechanism (embeds generic bookmarks among those you bookmark so it appears natural).

And that’s only scratching the surface of its potential.

You’ll be surprised to find a scheduler inside to help you bookmark at certain intervals, a content spinner so your bookmarks all look different, and much more.

To keep the long story short, people rave about Bookmarking Demon as one of the best ever top SEO softwares because it certainly contains features that make it impossible for you not to bookmark “humanly”.

So if you want to supercharge your Bookmarking task, give one of the top SEO softwares a try today, the Bookmarking Demon.

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