How to Index a Website – The Top 3 Questions on URL Submission and Pinging Answered

Let’s face it. The search engines are always a mystery, and no one except the search engines really know how they rank sites based on keywords.

However, one thing we do know for sure is that search engines give us highly targeted organic traffic, and we must always aim to have our websites being indexed by search engines so there will be a chance that our site will get free high quality traffic.

But to make sure you always get your site indexed properly by the search engines, you must understand what URL submission and pinging are, and how they will help your websites.

So here are answers to the top 3 questions on how to index a website that you’ll find useful.

How to Index a Website Q1 – Is Indexing My Website Worthwhile?

Usually, people ask this question because they don’t see a point being on a popular search engine like After all, it’s so competitive and they don’t see the possibility of their sites being found on the search engines.

That’s when you must learn how to index a website properly because while it’s difficult to rank for competitive keywords on the search engines, it’s not so when you’re trying to rank for the non competitive ones.

And the truth is, you’ll never know how your sites will rank.

For example, I run a blog on my own and while I hope to rank for the keywords that I know are popular, a quick check on my google analytics show me that people have found me on the search engines using keywords I didn’t optimize for.

And with so much content on my blog, I’ve unknowingly used certain keywords in posts that have found their way in the search engines.

Keep adding content, learn how to index a website and then index yours. You’ll be amazed how people can find you.

So is it worthwhile getting your website indexed? You bet it is!

How to Index a Website Q2 – Is It Difficult to Submit My URL to the Search Engines?

Online webmasters, especially beginners starting to learn how to index a website often think that submitting a URL is a daunting task.

But it’s really easy, and it takes only a minute.

Just go to and follow the instructions there. You’ll just have to add in your URL and then hit the submit button after you key in a Captcha to verify you’re a human.

It’s that easy!

Alternatively, you can ping your sites using a pinging service like and let the search engines pick you up naturally. And once again, that’s also really easy.

How to Index a Website Q3 – How Often Should I Ping My Sites?

People who ask this are confused because sites pinging can be done on a daily basis. So in that case, how often should pinging of sites be done?

The answer? The moment you update your site or blog. That’s when pinging should be carried out.

The purpose of pinging is to let the search engines know that you’ve updated your site so the search engine spiders can crawl your site again and give it a brand new ranking.

So unless you update your sites everyday, you don’t have to ping daily. Just ping your sites when you update your sites.

So learning how to index a website is not difficult. Understand the concepts behind it and you’ll be able to index your sites like a pro.

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