How to Do On Page SEO with Keyword Targeted Content

On Page SEO is a part of SEO progress when you try to optimize the website content with your targeted keywords to get ranked higher. It sounds complicated but you can practice On Page SEO by writing high quality content targeting your keywords. Let’s learn how to do On Page SEO by simply writing keyword targeted content.

How to do On Page SEO by writing unique content

Owning unique content gives your website certain advantages in rankings. A unique product is priced higher in a market. Similarly, unique content or information brings a website higher valuation from search engines. So do make sure that your website content is not cloned from anywhere else to be better ranked.

How to optimize keywords in an article?

If your website is updated regularly with articles, this could help in ranking improvement. But have you wondered how to do On Page SEO with those article updates? There’s no secret here! You just need to follow some guidelines below to optimize your articles with your keywords.

1.       Optimize a keyword per article

2.       An article should have 400 to 500 words in length. This is a good range for a well informative article.

3.       The article should be well organized with headlines, sub-headlines and paragraphs. This is ideal for readers to catch up with your ideas in the article.

4.       The keyword or a portion of your keyword should be in your article’s title. Search engine robots must pay attention to your article title before crawling anywhere else. Thus, this is an important step to prove to search engines that your article to be relevant for readers.

5.       Last but not least the keyword should appear twice in the content. If possible, the headline or sub-headline should contain the keyword.

Applying these 5 steps, you can basically optimize the keyword in your article content to get better evaluation from search engines.

Some writers try to repeat the keywords as much as possible in the article content with a belief that search engines will rank them higher. NEVER DO THAT! It is a totally wrong idea in On Page SEO.

Firstly, your content quality is very significant which will build up your website credibility. Crazily repeating the keyword makes it ridiculous when reading as well as lower the content quality. Your readers must be confused.

Secondly, Google is very suspicious now. Such unnatural action can bring your website into the black list which will be especially ranked low. Then you need to put more efforts to improve your situation.

Last but not least, practicing massive keyword repetition will lose readership easily due to low information quality.

To get more traffic as well as maintain stable traffic and improve rankings, your content quality is the most important element. Do practice how to do On Page SEO method above and you will see the improvement! Good luck!

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