How to Do Keyword Research with Free Keyword Search Engines

Doing keyword research is one of the most important stages in SEO as it will determine the whole process success. Let’s learn how to practice keyword research with free keyword search engines and how to select profitable keywords.

What are main keywords? LSI keywords?

Main keywords are the most important keywords you want to target on your website. A website usually targets 2 to 3 main keywords.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are keywords which relate to your main keywords or have the same meaning with your main keywords.

What is a long tail keyword?

Before starting doing keyword research, you must know the concept of “long tail keyword”. Basically long tail keywords are keywords which have more than 3 words. Long tail keywords specifically reveal what Internet users are looking for.

Why long tail keyword?

Experienced online marketers usually target long tail keywords due to its specific nature. As Internet users really demand for a specific product / service or look for specific information, their keywords will be longer. As a result, long tail keywords convert better. For example, a buyer will search for “best camera store” rather than “camera”.

Moreover, long tail keywords are usually less competitive than shorter keywords so that less SEO efforts are made to see the results.

What are free keyword search engines & how to do keyword research effectively?

One of the most popular free keyword search engines is Google Keyword Tool which is created for AdWords’ advertisers. Keyword Tool allows you to find popular keywords searched on Google using a seed keyword or a website URL.

Signing in your Google account, after typing the seed keywords, Keyword Tool will give you up to 800 keywords to select. By default, the keywords will be sorted by relevance. However, not most of them are desirable for your search engine optimization. A trick to practice this is that you should type your seed keyword on Google first and choose your potential competitors in top 10 results. After that, copy and paste their URLs into Keyword Tool. The search engine will give you about 100 keywords and your competitors must have some long tail keywords that you want to consider.

You may want to select about 30 to 40 long tail keywords before going for the second round of elimination. The first factor you want to see is the global or local search volumes depending on your targeted markets. The search volumes should be over 10,000 for main keywords and 1,000 for LSI keywords. Secondly, you should pay attention to competition levels. The best competition level online marketers look for is Low.

Another popular free keyword search engine is WordTracker Free Keyword Tool The method to use is the same and WordTracker also provides you free SEO training videos.

With the SEO tips and tricks on keyword research above, we hope that you can find your most profitable keywords and develop a prosperous online business. Good luck!

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