Different Website Types

If you ever wondered about the types of websites available out there, you probably googled and tried to find a guide to the different website types available and this guide will explain the various types of sites to you!                       

Personal Websites/Blogs | Different Website Types

Personal websites provide information on individuals and small societies or organisations. These sites are created so that individuals or groups could display information about themselves to attract potential employers or for recording their lives and thoughts. There are many free hosts for such websites such as BlogSpot or Word Press. These free blog hosts often provide unlimited space and give you many tools to get started making your site. However, businesses should avoid these hosts as it looks unprofessional and may not get them traffic as they look very similar to a blog.

E-Commerce Websites | Different Website Types

E-Commerce sites provide individuals, small-medium enterprises and multinational corporations alike an opportunity to sell goods and services with low overhead costs. Websites such as Craigslist, Yahoo Auctions and EBay allow you to find various goods, both used and new and buy or sell securely with financial services such as PayPal ensuring that there are no fraudulent claims in your transactions with other people. Sites such as Amazon and Gmarket allow users to purchase from a wide range of verified businesses at the lowest price possible so that you can save money.

Groupon is one example of a new form of E-Commerce. Goods and services are given steep discounts if they hit a goal of a set number of purchases. Spa deals and food often go at very low prices but there is only a small variety of items available on sale.

Informational Websites | Different Website Types

Websites such as Wikipedia fall under this category. These website provide information to the masses and may be supported by advertisements. Business may also use these sites to provide information on their products and may promote their websites.

Social Websites | Different Website Types

Social websites such as forums and social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter provide users with a place to share their thoughts and interact with each other on various topics. Such websites require you to share a great amount of your personal information and you should avoid sharing very vital information such as your home address or your phone number.

 File Sharing Websites | Different Website Types

File sharing sites allow you to upload files and share them, either privately or publicly, with other users. Such sites are often designed for large files and are often used for pirating music or video games. These sites often have slow upload speeds and a faster speed is often available at a cost. You should also be careful when downloading such files as they may contain viruses. 

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