Backlink Quality & Backlink Channels You Must Know

Having a difficult time promoting your sites with backlinks or increasing backlink quality? Read this article to find out how you could increase your site’s exposure more effectively and increase the number of viewers to your site dramatically!

Principles to obtain backlink quality and channels you must know

Building good backlinks to your sites could be the most important factor in your Search Engine Optimization. Backlink Quality is just as important as quantity, as a site selling used cars would have more luck driving traffic and finding customers if it advertised on car forums instead of advertising in a site about something absolutely irrelevant such as on photography or motorcycling forums. Not only does creating backlinks on relevant sites more effective, users would have a more positive impression of your site as your content would not be deemed as spam.

Relevant keywords also play an important part in your website’s off page SEO, having relevant keywords so as to drive interested traffic to your site would be more effective than driving irrelevant traffic to your site. If you own a site selling ointments to cure back aches you would probably have more traffic if you had precise and relevant keywords such as : “how to cure backache” or ”backache remedy” than ambiguous and general keywords such as “backache cream” or “arthritis”.

There are many backlink channels you could use so as to improve your off page SEO rankings. Channels such as online website directories such as DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, ZoomInfo and One Mission without much difficulty, cost (these services are free) and without spending much thought into your presentation (all you need is a link to your site and a brief description). There are also paid website directories, but few are worth you spending money on.

Backlink channels such as blogs and social media allows internet marketers and people interested in promoting their site or product to promote their sites and products effectively. Blogging sites such as Blogspot and WordPress allow you to promote your site with detailed information of your site, its function or any other desirable feature with text, pictures or videos.

 Social media enables users to advertise their sites effectively with both free and paid flavours of advertising. For example, you could create a group for free on Facebook, but would need to pay more for actual advertising space.

Lastly, video sharing sites such as Youtube and Vimeo also open up new possibilities for you to promote your site with advertisements or through viral marketing campaigns.

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