6 Powerful Rules of Domain Names

Domain name is your online property address which is one of the most important elements to decide an online business process. Today we will bring you some useful tips with important rules of domain names so that you can have a good start!

2 Immortal Rules of Domain Names

Easy to remember

Google or Yahoo has no meaning but both of them sound fun and easy to remember. That’s the key to be on users’ top of minds. And shorter domain names are obvious to be remembered more than longer ones. If you have a short and easy-to-remember domain name, you have a comparative advantage comparing to your competitors.

.com is preferred

Search engines value .com domain names more than the others due to its credibility. As a result, most of businesses select .com for their websites.

What if your favorite domain names have no .com anymore? Your second and third best choice is .org and .net. Experientially, .org is valued higher than .net and .org websites are usually ranked higher.

Rules of Domain Names in SEO

In Search Engine Optimization, selecting appropriate domain names has its own rules to guarantee its stable rankings. Let’s check out those rules for your better understanding.

Keyword rich

After doing keyword research with your favorite 10 keywords, you’d better select the best keyword which has high search volumes but less competitive to be your domain name. It is the best strategy to have a keyword targeted domain name.

If your preferred domain name is not available, you can use a portion of the keyword for your domain name. For example, if “BestWebDesigner.com” is not available, you can find something else such as “MJWebDesigner.com”. Having a keyword portion in the domain name is also good enough.

Easily Understood

Another criterion to select an appropriate domain name is that it should be easily understood. It’s great when someone read your domain name and they somehow can imagine what the website is generally about. This could help your increase your website traffic as well.

No Hyphens

Hyphenated domain names are not preferred as it is hard to remember. Your visitors may be confused about the hyphens’ positions. Moreover, hyphenated domain names are valued lower or cheaper than the same domain names without hyphens. As a result, it is not good at all for your SEO procedures and traffic generation.

No .info

You may notice that .info domain names are rarely get ranked in top 100 result list as well as their prices are usually the cheapest. Then main reason is that .info websites are considered spammy. Hence, they have a low coefficient to get ranked.

Above are 6 precious powerful rules of domain names that you can apply into any online business. Getting a nice address could bring your prosperous online business. Good luck and stay tuned with us!

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